Maytapi Changelog

We are announcing the new features and changes we have made on the WhatsApp API here

  • WhatsApp channels are now available in our WhatsApp API, you can visit the document and see it.
  • You can get detailed information about your Whatsapp stories, and you can also share media (images, videos) in your stories whenever you want.
  • You can receive reactions to your messages in WhatsApp conversations through WhatsApp API
  • You can track the votes given to the polls shared on WhatsApp in real-time through WhatsApp API
  • Stories of the users in your contact list are now accessible through the WhatsApp API. You can review the /contactsStories section in the documentation under Story Operations (Beta) for more details.
  • You can send stickers through the sticker message section in the 'SendMessage' part.
  • Now, you can display the typing indicator for your text messages to the other party.
  • We've set up the process of sending links to channels.
  • You can obtain detailed information about your messages through endpoints with the 'Message Info'
  • Now, you can become a partner with our API and manage your own phones without making any upfront payments. For detailed information, you can visit page Whatsapp API Partner