Powerful features of our WhatsApp API
Experience unlimited usage with fixed pricing
Full-featured JSON API
Any preferred language can be connected to WhatsApp API via JSON API. You can find documentation and examples here
Stable API
Multi-device WhatsApp no longer needs a phone connection, so Maytapi provides better uptime (99.98%) compared to the past.
WhatsApp Group Management
You have full control of the WhatsApp Group API that lets you create a group, add/remove a participant, and send/receive a message.
Rich Message Type
All message types (text, location, contact, images, audio, videos, documents, or archives) are supported.
User-defined HTTP callbacks are triggered when a message is received or the delivery status is changed.
Interactive Message (BETA)
Maytapi provides an interactive(button-based) message that has significantly higher response rates and conversions compared to those that are text-based.
WhatsApp Channels New
Maytapi lets you share updates like sending message and connect with your followers directly through WhatsApp API. At the same time, you can customize your channel now by adding a description and icon via API.
WhatsApp Status - Story New
Our Status API lets you effortlessly create and publish engaging statuses with images, videos. Receive real-time reactions to your stories, while exploring and interacting with the statuses of your contacts.
We have spent the last 4 years helping over 2000 business owners & developers just like yourself create their successful business We have spent the last 4 years helping over 2000 business owners & developers just like yourself create their successful business


It takes 3 steps to get started to use WhatsApp API with Maytapi

Integrate the API in your preferred language, then start sending messages.

Pair Phone Pair phone by scanning a QR code to connect to Maytapi.
Start Sending Messages After connection, you can send your first WhatsApp message in your preferred language.
Set Webhook Get a notification after you set a webhook and Maytapi starts to send notifications ( receiving message and message delivery status ) to your webbook
Integrate WhatsApp API Gateway with your preferred language into your custom solution.
WhatsApp API Pricing

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  • Advanced Support
  • For more than 10 phones, please contact us.
  • Note: Bring Your Own Number (mobile, landline, toll-free)
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